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This channel celebrates the warmth, optimism and positivity of standup comedy. We present a variety of great comedians old and new for your listening pleasure. Pop on one of our many great stand up comedy routines to help ease away tensions, relax from your worries and have a good old belly laugh every now and again. Laughter lighten the mood, relieves us of our burdens and heals the soul. Listening to comedians can help ease depression and leaven the mundanity of your day to day life, so we use humor as a way to tap into people's optimism and positivity. The benefits of listening to comedy routines is limitless. On this channel you will hear the latest and greatest stand up comedians of all time, from the 80s till the present, we hope to bring you top quality audio recordings of all the best comedy bits available @ComedyClips&Humor (Uncensored) Comedy Clips & Humor
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