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I’m a Makeup Artist with super dry and sensitive skin. A lifelong pop-culture, beauty industry, and fitness nerd. And someone living with an autoimmune disease. 
I’ve been sharing my entire life- especially my passion for health and beauty- here on YouTube for over 10 years now! From makeup reviews and hair tutorials, to vlogs, to workout follow alongs- what stays true throughout all of my content is my focus on high quality, high value products and methods. Life as a self-employed content creator with health issues comes at you fast! And I just don’t have time for things that don’t work or aren’t beautiful. All are welcome! Subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted to fresh-new content every week! If you get bored here feel free to find me on Kim Kardashian’s Glam Masters now on HULU🤣
 Mallory Brooke
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