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Justin Sung is a University of Auckland, NZ graduate and medical doctor. Since 2019, he left clinical medical work to pursue full-time social enterprise. He is passionate about creating change and impact through personal development and education. While he has a low faith in humanity, he has high faith in individuals and their ability to lead a change. Justin founded Foster Our Future in his 5th year of medical school, an NZ social enterprise aiming to reduce education and opportunities inequities. Since it's founding in 2015, he has created two more businesses, JTT and Finding Gravity. JTT's mission is to make information and support for aspiring doctors readily accessible and equitable. Finding Gravity's mission is to empower students to take control of their learning and equip them with the tools to study more efficiently. Justin has assisted thousands of students over the years, regularly delivering seminars, workshops and courses across the country.Justin Sung
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