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What's up guys, this channel was created to share the funniest and highest quality videos. Ever wonder where you can find the funniest videos on YouTube? Well, you've come to the right place! Our goal is to always bring you the highest quality videos every single day, ensuring to include the proper credit as well as full compilations of some great videos that we know you'll enjoy! All my longer videos are edited by me primarily in Adobe After Effects as well as Adobe Photoshop which can take a few hours of work depending on the duration. We always put out the most up to date memes like "sneaker meetups" "cactus jack sent me" and countless amounts of funny videos at the click of a button! I only have one purpose in mind when it comes to making these funny videos, to simply put a smile on your face. We appreciate all of you who stopped by and had a laugh and hope you can stick around for more!Impact
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