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This channel is first of all dedicated to people who can't make it to listen my (meanwhile rare) live concert performances. Here one can get in touch with my personal visions of the solo performance on a modern double bass. Usage of the higher scordaturas (using a high C string converts the instrument's sound color from natural bass to the natural baritone) is recently the main point of my interest for the solo performances. It is standard on a modern electric bass, it was standard on the baroque violone, predecessor of a modern classical double bass. Choice of the compositions on this channel is also more apt for high-quality pieces. FAQs about my gear etc: the answers can easily be found on my homepage Thank you for watching the videos on my YouTube channel ๐Ÿ˜ I've joined Instagram since July 2019, on Instagram I have been posting regularly about my current projects since the creation stage, while here on YouTube the final versions appear afterwards #bozoparadzikbozoparadzikcom
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